A lot of what we think about as flavour is actually about smell. Strawberries are a good example of this – if you hold your nose and eat a strawberry, you won’t taste a strawberry, but when you stop holding your nose, the strawberry-odoured-molecules reach your smell cells in your nose and you’ll taste the strawberry! In the classes, we will teach you about the interesting and tasty world of scent.

Why does this help?

A lot of people don’t realise just how closely scent and taste are linked. By adding more perfumed ingredients and ingredients that have more flavour particles, there is more chance that people with an altered sense of taste or experiencing a lack of appetite will be able to taste and enjoy their food. Scent also plays a major role in stimulating the appetite, which can be very important. 

Here are some helpful links below to learn more about smell…

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At Life Kitchen the welfare of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance. After taking trusted advice from Public Health England and other government bodies with regard to COVID-19, it is with regret that we will be re-scheduling all upcoming classes until a later date.

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Recipes to revive the joy of taste & flavour

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