When 25-year-old Ryan’s mum Krista passed away from cancer five years ago, he couldn’t have imagined that the most depressing time in his life would lead to helping and changing the lives of others. As a food writer and stylist, food formed a big part of his life, however, throughout his mum’s two-year battle with cancer, Ryan experienced first-hand how chemotherapy was affecting her taste and ability to enjoy food. This was an unexpected consequence of the chemotherapy but one that Ryan found affected his mother greatly. It too, affected him, and after her passing he struggled with the notion that she found it difficult to find anything she wanted to eat in the months before she died. With this experience came an idea. Ryan wanted to help those who had been through or were currently experiencing the affects of cancer. And so Life Kitchen was born.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are included.
If you have any questions or special requests prior to booking feel free to email


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